A book to expand liberty across the world

This book (manuscript) is written as a conversation from one human to another about the ongoing challenges we face today to our liberty. It lays out the theory and institutions of freedom.


My 2008 book, Breaking Free of Nehru was conceptualized in early 2005 as a book project to be called: A Short History of Freedom. Since the manuscript kept growing it had to be split in two. Only a portion of the first part of the manuscript was then published by Anthem Press, the rest being published online as Online Notes. This manuscript is the second part of the original book project. It is still work in progress, more than 5 years since I first began it.

What is this manuscript about?

This manuscript examines the theoretical foundations of freedom and outlines the pillars (institutions) of freedom. It then looks at some of the history of these pillars. This book is particularly relevant to  India but is applicable to all parts of the world, including the so-called ‘developed’ nations many of which are sharply going downhill in their freedoms.

This book (if and when published) will mark my second small contribution towards raising awareness about the importance of freedom and the dangers of statism.. Mankind’s future will be determined by how well we, as a species, understand and implement policies that defend our freedoms.

For public comment since June 2008:

I believe in receiving feedback and in open discussion. So I’ve put out this manuscript for public comment since June 2008. Please download the latest draft and send me your comments when you have a moment. Much appreciated!


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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